ta·bu·la ra·sa

//'täboolə 'räsə//


An absence of preconceived ideas; a clean slate. The mind in its hypothetical primary blank or empty state before receiving outside impression something existing in its original pristine state




Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and Performance Lab is a theatrical artistic collective originated within the Hispanic community of New York City. Our goal is to produce and perform theater works while educating and innovating performance and visual arts, that would reimagine the principles of contemporary theater, foster cross-cultural dialogue, promote peace and social change.


Our mission is supported on a commitment to the cultural enrichment of immigrant communities through the performing and visual arts and making theater accessible to the widest possible public by expanding the company’s audience through the creation of new places of interaction, the creative use of media, touring, educational programs and other outreach efforts.


Thanks to the participation of high profile professional artists in Theater, Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Design, Tabula RaSa has built more than a decade of experience in content-relevant bilingual work that effectively speak to the realities of our diverse audiences.

It is a permanent laboratory of artistic and independent nature, creating conditions that allow international dialogue and intercultural development through research, education and creation.

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Fundraising Show

Presentación -OnLine- Streaming

Our 'Resilience Version' of the Show
In The Eye Of The Needle

Diciembre 19, 2020

1:00PM and 7:00PM




on show.

On show

Creación colectiva, escrita y dirigida por Ramiro Antonio Sandoval 

-Versión Resiliencia en Español (English Subtitles)



Sábado diciembre 19, 2020

1:00pm y 7:00pm (EST)

In The Eye Of The Needle, Collective creation written and directed by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval 
-Resilience Version -Spanish (with English Subtitles)



  Tabula RaSa   schedules workshops for  actors and non-actors on a yearly basis. 


meet the troupe.


Ramiro Antonio Sandoval Marín

Artistic Director

Klara Lopera Sánchez

Public Relations, Actress


Jorge Luis Berrios Cuevas

Physical Trainer, Actor

Alejandra Valverde

Costume Designer




Is an international artistic exchange and collaboration effort between Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and the BKG theater company from Busan, Korea to promote cultural dialogue about Peace and Human Rights.



Support us

Thank you kindly for supporting our    productions and our international peace-building efforts

Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and our THEATRE FOR PEACE PROJECT are independently financed, currently supported exclusively by you, our audiences, our friends and families without any state, federal, institutional or commercial funding.

When you make a donation your are sponsoring the continuation of our productions, international artistic residencies, peace-building workshops and promoting intercultural dialogue through the arts.

Tabula RaSa NYC Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational and cultural charitable organization. Your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated.



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