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Within the Theatre for Peace Project

Tabula RaSa has coproduced the following plays with 

The Actor-Audience-Performance Center [BKG] Busán, Korea

The Winter of April

Artistic Residency, Tabula RaSa and the Bae Kwan Gong Theater of Busán.

Busán International Performing Arts Festival.

KNN Theater, Busán 5/20-22/2017



BKG Theatre

Chanyoung Park

Sangmi Jeon

Lee Jae Chan

Kim Yun - Ho

Song Jun Seung

Tabula RaSa NYC Theater

Tatiana Barrero

Klara Lopera-Sánchez

Jorge Luis Berrios

Lorena Ayub


Programmer Busán International Performing Arts Festival: Kim Bumki

Assistant Director: Kim Dong-Hynn

Lighting, Stage Assistant, Stage Hands: Aoi Hanada

Photography: Johanna Bock

Director BKG Theater: Hye Ja Ju

Director Tabula RaSa NYC Theater: Ramiro Antonio Sandoval


What do a diver, an exotic dancer and a ghost writer have in common?

How will the lives of these three people enterwine?

Was it an accident? Or was it a calculated action from someone who wanted to hurt her? Did she know the serial killer that everyone is looking for?  And who is that lady of unusual elegance who makes videos of young people for an uncertain purpose? In a different part of the world, ghost writer is commissioned to prepare a lecture about women and science, women who have made remarkable discoveries or inventions during the course of their lives, but for one reason or another they have been forgotten.

The Winter of April’s journey will bring together the destiny of these characters.  They will find themselves in the dark labyrinth of human trafficking; they will walk through steamy hotel rooms, luxurious gardens, inhospitable deserts, human cages, and a fascinating and never seen before striptease circus named “Le Bad Ton Futuriste.”

This is how a mother will realize that –sometimes– inexorable revenge may take a lifetime.   

The winter of April

By Ricardo Sarmiento Gaffurri
Directed by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval

My dear Helen

My dear, Helen

Artistic Residency with the Bae Kwan Gong Theater of Busán.


Sala Seki Sano, 8/19/2017. Bogotá, Colombia.

Artistic residency support from the Corporación Colombiana de Teatro.

Original creation by Hye Ja Ju and the Bae Kwan Gong Theater in Busán, South Korea,

with the participation of Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and Performance Lab.

With Hyo Rim Lee, Edna Lee Figueroa and Claudia Osejo.

Co-Direction of Hye Ja Ju and Ramiro Antonio Sandoval.

A production of Theatre for Peace Project.



Helen I: Hyo Rim Lee

Helen II: Claudia Osejo

Helen III: Edna Lee Figueroa


Directed by: Hye Ja Ju and Ramiro Antonio Sandoval

Production: Bum Ki Kim - Johanna Bock - Giovanny Correa - Giovanny Barrera

Art Direction: Miguel Angel León

Photography: Johanna Bock

General Production: Theatre For Peace Project

It’s not common to find stories or people that move me to study them obsessively for the rest of my life, this may be Helen’s case. It is not only by the concept of good, in terms of the human will nor the overcoming of its destiny; Helen Keller has allowed me to

visualize values that hopefully someday will fill the world. Helen was a woman who, despite her limitations, perceived the

harshness of the world around her and suffered anxieties and frustrations that were not solved before closing her eyes forever.

However, on this stage, my desire is to share with the audience moments of pleasure, joy and passion that we may feel if we only see the world through all our senses.

In retrospect, “My Dear, Helen”, had its origins in 2012 in a non-verbal theater workshop; later in the same year it would evolve with the exploration of the relationship between Helen and its tutor

and all-life teacher Anne Sullivan. In 2014 a third part was added and performed by three actresses who recreated different moments of Helen’s life.

Hye Ja Ju


This is an artistic ensemble and collaboration work between the countries that form the Theatre for Peace Project: Colombia, Korea

and the United States. A co-direction work that continues the experience of the groups Bae Woo, Kwan Gek, Gong Yeon [BKG]

(Actor, Audience and Performance) and Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and Performance Lab, who presented in a bilingual version the play The Winter of April in the city of Bus.n, South Korea, in accordance with the work that begun with BKG’s art residency

in New York, last November and according to the methodological exchange workshop between the two groups. The result of

this exercise was My Dear, Helen (Helen, Querida Mía) presented at the Centro Español of New York, with the participation of the two companies.

Ramiro Antonio Sandoval


Eyes that don’t see,

Ears that don’t hear,

The story of Helen who makes constant

efforts to communicate with the world,

impenetrable, dark and full of silence.

Part I: Helen’s Spring

The young Helen recognizes the

meaning and name of objects.

Part II: Helen in the Forest

Helen as a student at Harvard, her

anxiety for independence and her

loneliness. The woman who begins to

become aware of love and sexuality.

Part III: Helen and the Moon

Helen and her interest in welfare

and work in modern society.

Each episode is developed through

the movement of Helen who relies

entirely on smell and touch.

Darkness and silence.


This play is suitable for hearing impaired audiences

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