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Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and Performance Lab presents

In the eye of the needle

Show: LATEA Theater, The Clemente, NYC

Based on a laboratory by Tabula RaSa NYC Theater: Tatiana Barrero, Jorge Luis Berríos Cuevas, Thiago Jiménez, Klara Lopera, Kike Olaya and Karina Tobón, with the participation of Johanna Bock.
Jorge Luis Berríos Cuevas, Fran Santoro and Kike Olaya.
Musical Director: Samuel Torres. Costume Design: Alejandra Laverde. Masks: Carolina Muñoz. Stage Design: Verónica Álvarez. Stage Production: Eduard Canal, Omayra Garriga. Guest Artist: Alex Mendoza with Elisabet Díaz Cintrón. Audiovisual Design: Jacqueline Reed. Lighting Design: Karim Rivera Rosado/Omayra Garriga. Stage Production Manager: Federica Flück. Graphic Design: Tabula RaSa Theater. Videography: Williams Video. Assistant Director: Clara Wiest. Writer and Director: Ramiro Antonio Sandoval with the participation of Johanna Bock. Production: LATEA Theater: Karim Rosado-Rivera, Anthony Ruiz and Miguel Trelles, Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and Johanna Bock.

After a disappearance, three characters remain trapped and under constant observation. Meandering between twisted ideas about social behavior, they struggle to create meaning

(or run away from it?) while trapped in a strange place. With expulsion looming, sophistic discussions on culture and myths displace the fear of their shared circumstance. Polar and nonsensical perspectives, reveal with dark humor the make up of their uncomfortable experience.


A contemporary piece that reflects, among other subjects, on the way knowledge can be replaced with useless matter, and boredom itself the salvation and the means to self-reinvention.


In the eye of the needle

A collective creation by Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and Performance Lab
Written and Directed by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval


Jorge Luis Berrios Cuevas


Fran Santoro


Kike Olaya


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