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We believe in social science research as a means to develop nuanced theatrical performance that speaks to contemporary audiences, irrespective of language, sex, race, or religion. Our theater company aims to build bridges of communication across diverse cultures and communities worldwide.
Tabula RaSa is an ensemble company, with an interdisciplinary team of creators, performers, and producers. Ranging from art historians, to social scientists, and visual designers, each member of our team plays an important role in the creative development process.
Tabula RaSa was founded by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval, award-winning actor, director, and producer, in 2012. Tabula RaSa was formed out of a desire to create a safe environment that encourages creativity. We believe in playing and risk-taking to push creative boundaries, explore new ways of performing while learning through dramatic action and movement. The core inspiration for Tabula RaSa’s work is the engagement and participation of its audiences through immersive technology and theatrical experience.


We cherish our continuing relations and creative collaborations with individual artists, theaters, and dance collectives worldwide:

TOTATOGA Cultural Cluster Center, Busán, Korea
CLISAM -Chekhov-Lecoq International Studio of Acting and
Movement, New York City
The Actor-Audience-Performance Center [BKG] Busán, Korea
Theater For The New City, New York
Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura en Nueva York
The Spanish Benevolent Society - La Nacional, New York City
Corporación Colombiana de Teatro, Bogotá, Colombia
Universidad Antonio Nariño, Colombia

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